Harrison Bergeron : The Story Of Harrison Bergeron

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The story of Harrison Bergeron is enticingly different than any other. It opened my mind to new ideas and changed the way I think about issues and situations. In the movie and short story, “Harrison Bergeron,” the characters live in a much different world than the one we live in. In Harrison Bergeron, the American government was overthrown for the purpose of removing competition. This means everybody is now paid the same, their grades need to be average, but most importantly, they are required to wear bands on their heads that protect them from thinking creatively. These kinds of ideas, ones that go outside of the norm, conflict the government. Despite this, Harrison Bergeron excels in all his classes and begins to question his everyday life. Eventually he learns that the people that work for the government don’t wear bands and are allowed to compete freely. After hearing real, divine music and seeing dazzling art, he realizes that the people living in America are missing competition as an imperative part of their lives. As a result, he tries to disrupt their boring cycle of being by broadcasting the music and art on television, prompting people to take off their bands. The reason this matters is that as throughout the story, Harrison seems to be the only person rebelling. This is because people typically want to choose whatever’s convenient to them, and they never want to leave their comfort-zone if it means their world could change. So my question is this: Why is Harrison
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