Harrison Brothers Corporation Case Study

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The Human Resource Function of Harrison Brothers’ Corporation The below case review by analysis question was prepared by Team 4 in response to the Harrison Brothers’ Corporation case from the course text, Human Resource Management Applications: Cases, Exercises, Incidents, and Skill Builders, located on page 13. The Role of the HR Manager Brenda McCain views her responsibilities as challenging given that multiple areas of the corporation’s operation need improvement in order to better align with the updated store business strategy. She clearly expresses several areas of need that fall within some functions of HR Management; however, after careful review and discussion of the case, the team collectively agreed that some of the…show more content…
She also mentions her collaboration with managers to review and resolve employees’ reports to take the necessary disciplinary actions, as needed, and goes as far as speaking a bit negative of the managers for being more focused on the quantity and quality of work and missing the employees’ professional assessments.
All her views for improvement certainly fall within many of the required functions of HR Management but it seems that she may be spread too thin to actually notice that she is micromanaging these improvements rather than leading them. Instead, she should delegate more responsibilities…trust but verify. She will likely see better and faster results by partnering with the “experts” in those areas needing improvement.
The HR Management functions that she focuses on are:
• Strategy and Planning
• Talent Management
• Employee and Labor Relations
• Talent Management
• Staffing
• Rewards

Harrison Brothers’ Business Strategy
Harrison Brothers’ had a unique business strategy that one could say included multiple approaches. Overall, the main objective was to increase the company’s revenue by lowering costs and investing wisely in more profitable solutions. With this in mind, changes made to positively impact every aspect of the company; changes to the employees, the inventory, and the investments, were all made to cut costs in an efficient manner while also maintaining the company’s positive reputation. The
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