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Harrison Ford Harrison Ford was born to the proud parents of Dorothy Nidelman and Christopher Ford on Wednesday, July 13, 1942. His birth came almost six months after their marriage on February 3, 1942. Days later, he was named Harrison Ford in honor of his maternal grandfather. Most of his young life, he preferred that people call him by his grandfathers name, Harry. He had a brother named Terence. Terence and Harrison, or Terry and Harry, as they were better known, grew up in Chicago and attended the Graeme Stewart Elementary School. In grade school, a class mate remembered him as sort of a prankster or a wisecracker. As Harrison grew into a teenager, he had little trouble earning pocket money. He briefly worked on a yacht,…show more content…
After one Christmas they collectively owed around $5,000. To pay off their debt, the roommates came up with the idea of creating a humorous magazine. Harry did pen and ink drawings along with many cartoons. Their magazine was called "The Mug". They gave advertisers the impression that it was an official publication of the school but it was actually an official publication of Bill and Harry. In his junior year, Harry was cast as "Mack the Knife" which was the lead in The Threepenny Opera. Although he had tremendous stage fright, he was terrific. In 1963, Harrison Ford began seeing Mary Marquardt, who attended Ripon also. Many people thought they were opposites. She was quiet and plain, and Harrison was usually seen with girls that were prominent on campus and very attractive. Harrison dropped out of Ripon one month before graduation. Harrison and Mary were married in June of 1964. Mary spent the early part of her wedding night watching Harrison's second performance in the production Take Her, She's Mine. The newlyweds spent their honeymoon settling into the theatrical life together. An experience both seem to relish. Soon Harrison told friends that he was off to Hollywood. Harrison and Mary loaded up their beaten-up Volkswagen bus and hit the road to California. Mary's influence was unmistakable in Harry's acting career. She was ever-present, ever-supportive, and she seemed to be the driving force behind the quiet actor. In
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