Harry And Strange Logic Of Book Discounters

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1. Harry and Strange Logic of Book Discounters Harry Potter books sold out immediately on multiple discount offers from different bookshop. There was lot of book shops which were selling the book on cheaper and discounted prices. They went on with this offer since a lot of people were coming to buy that book and they will sell it on margin prices, the prices were competitive and the number of copies sold in millions. On the launch of this book the book sellers gave out 40 percent discount, since the author was known and had a lot of fan following. Even the independent book sellers were selling this book with additional services. They didn’t drop down the price for the book but instead gave a few added services to their customers. Books stores usually know the best sellers and they are well familiar with the fan following of the different authors. They devise out a strategy which covers all their expenses and sell the book on a price where they still get away making profit. 2. Variable price coke machines being tested The New vending Machine of Coca Cola company automatically raises prices in hot temperature, this automation however seems unfair is being used and tested. The desire for a cold fizzy drink is heightened in the summer’s hot days so the machine is stimulated by heat sensors which automatically raise prices. This however will have a few drawbacks. Since the heat sensor controls the price, technological problems can make the machine sense wrong. 3. Top artist

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