Harry Beafone, The Song Of Harry Belafonte's Song

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Harry Belafonte is well known for his “Day-o” song. He grew up surrounded by the Caribbean vibes. The song “Day-o” was once a song Jamaican slaves sung. Harry Belafonte was a civil rights activist. Harry Belafonte released the song “Day-o”. Harry Belafonte was born on March 1, 1927. Belafonte grew up with his grandmother in her native country Jamaica. He eventually returned to New York where he dropped out of high school and started his career in acting. He joined the United States Army during World War 2. While he lived in Jamaica, he was surrounded by the upbeat of Calypso music. The Banana Boat song was in his “Calypso” album, which was out in stores in 1956. Belafonte was a music artist, songwriter, and a social activist. He has recorded music through many different genres, but this certain album was the first to sell over a million records. The song “Day-o” is also known as the Banana Boat song. This song was featured in a 1988 movie called Beetlejuice. Many artists have sung this song before Belafonte however he added the Caribbean beats that surrounded him when he was younger. The Banana Boat song is a catchy song with a rhythmic beat. This song comes with rhythm from the Caribbean and a little bit of jazz mixed into it. This song is a Jamaican Folk song. The lyrics are what make the song catchy. Although this song is fun to sing aloud, many do not understand the true meaning in this song. This song was originally a slave song. In American, slaves were forced to

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