Harry Mazer's The Last Mission

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1. Explain the setting of the novel. What influence, if any, does it have on the story?
The Last Mission by Harry Mazer takes place during World War II when the Nazis start to stagger back towards Germany, being pushed by merciless Allied troops. The story's setting switches countless times during the story. In the story we see Jack Raab walk the malicious street of New York, a demanding training camp, the grim environment of a war-torn country, and the treacherous skies of Europe.The setting that had the most effect emotionally on Jack was war torn Europe. Here he sees the damage he and his fellow American bombers have done in many areas of Europe. He not only sees the damage he has done to the European countryside but to the people living
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The main conflict in The Last Mission by Harry Mazer is character vs. society. The story takes place in a time when war is upon the world. Jack

3. Choose one character and describe him/her. Explain personality traits as well as physical traits and use phrases or passages from the book to support your point of view.
3. Jack Raab is a 15-year-old New Yorker and Jew, who decides to fight against Hitler. Jack is very tall for his age; this is why he was able to pass as an eighteen-year-old. Jack also has copper brown hair. Jack has had many family members who live in Europe who have been taken by the Nazi’s. Jack feels it is his duty as an American and a Jew to fight against Hitler. Jack has an older brother, Irving, who was rejected from the army because he has a heart condition. Jack comes up with a bright idea to steal Irving’s identity and apply to the army in Irving’s name. His plan works, and he is enlisted in the air force. Jack is a very brave young man, and he is able to stand up for what he believes in. Throughout the novel, Jack is faced with danger. In all of these situations, Jack perseveres and survives. Whenever Jack wanted to, he could have told a superior about his real age and got sent back to the states. Jack is not only brave he is also very mature. His experience in the war has changed him from a boy to a man. An example from the text is when Jack Rabb tells us “To most boys, war is a game. A game where there are good guys and bad guys and the good guys always win. Where the good guys get glory and fame no matter what. And I decided to play the “game.” But the truth is, war is not a
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