Essay about Harry Potter: An Ancient or Modern Hero?

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What would you do if you awoke one morning to find that you were a living legend. That for the past twenty years your family has been known to all, as one of the most prominent wizarding families in the wizarding world. What would YOU do if you were regarded as ... a modern HERO. The only wizard ever to survive a powerful curse cast by Voldemort, the most powerful dark wizard; Harry was just a baby when he was attacked by the evil wizard. But he escaped the curse and had somehow managed to reverse it and take away Voldemort's power. This story was told for 11 years past only making the story of Harry Potter grow to become an even greater living legend. Most see Harry Potter as a modern hero, one whom acts courageously and…show more content…
Born onto a mortal mother, son of the mighty God Zeus, Heracles developed super strength since birth and proved his demigod status. He spent the greater portion of his life trying to show himself worthy of the title of a God.) Harry feels apprehensive about this new life and the legend that he must now live up to. The entire wizarding community is "expecting great things" from Harry. Harry says to Hagrid, "Everyone thinks I'm special, ... but I don't know anything about magic at all. How can they expect great things of me?." (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Rowlings, Pg.86) Harry's thoughts and feelings are dominated by this ample need to prove himself worthy of his own name. His actions while at his new school, Hogworts, are directly related to the need for Harry to affirm his legacy. I see this as a shining example of ancient heroism. Harry Potter commits and act of heroism in order to establish or maintain a name for one's self. This is shown in the story of Esfandyar. Esfandyar had been known to the people of Persia as a great fighter and one who has never lost a battle (i.e. pre-established fame). There is a difference between Esfandyar and Harry. Esfandyar was not out to prove his fame, he was merely trying to obey the orders of his father, the king of Persia. While Harry on the other hand preformed these heroic acts to show his valor and to show his classmates that he was as good as the legends say. There are parts of the Harry

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