Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Theme

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One of the themes in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling was perseverance the ability to keep going when things seems difficult or even impossible. For example "Petunia" roared Uncle Vernon. "He's getting away! HE'S GETTING AWAY!" But the Weasleys gave a gigantic tug and Harry's leg slid out of Uncle Vernon's grasp.” (40-41) uncle vernon is trying to stop harry from leaving his house and going to hogwarts. As harry tries to leave and uncle vernon grabs on to his leg to prevent him from leaving his room but harry keeps fighting and gets free and goes off with ron and his brothers. Another example is Harry hears Hufflepuff accusing him of trying to kill Justin Finch-Fletchley with a snake “Harry couldn't take anymore.
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