Harry Potter And The Curse Child Analysis

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling Thematic Essay In Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling is the story of Harry Potter’s child Albus Severus Potter the story follows his child as he goes through adventures in the magical of school of Hogwarts. A major theme is that father-son relationships can make or break families, but even broken families can be put back together, but people need time away from their families to grow/mature as an individual. This theme is shows throughout the whole book, beginning, middle, and end. A theme in the beginning of the story is father-son relationships can make or break a family. On the first page of the story Albus asks Ginny Potter if she’ll write to him when he is at school. I…show more content…
On page 110 Harry and Dumbledore are having a conversation about Albus and his struggles when Dumbledore mentions “It must be hard to see your child in pain.” I think that when dumbledore says this he means that he was like Harry’s dad, in way of taking care of him and having a soft spot for him. I think this relates to the theme of family/fatherhood because it is another example of father-son relationships. As I’m writing this I thought about how Dumbledore’s live for Harry is a secretive love because Dumbledore says in the previous book something about everyone he loves dies, like his mum and his sister. I think that the whole book series focuses on family and how it affects people. This might be a theme about family background affects a person’s character and personality. Towards the end of book on page 204 Harry has a dream that could possibly be a memory, anyways in that dream Harry and Aunt Petunia visit James and Lily’s grave and when Harry mourns the death of his parents, his aunt accidentally shows compassion for her sister when she say, “She tried to make friends, but everyone ran away, I didn’t, I mean I couldn't.” I think that this shows that even the cruel Aunt Petunia felt something for her sister when she mentioned that she tried to have friends As the reader we know that this a lie and it actually hints that when she tries to cover up the affection towards
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