Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Essay

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Popular novels in todays’ society are very often portrayed in other adaptations such as films. Sometimes these adaptations are smooth representations of the novels set before them, and sometimes they don’t mesh quite as well with the original stories. This could be due to many different factors ranging from a simple difference of interpretation to the ability of the staff to transfer the words into vision. No matter how well one believes they do on interpreting a novel or story into vision there will always be those that believe you have betrayed the authors intentions such as Thetaggerrung123 who writes, “It is a terrible thing to see your favorite book being massacred on the big screen” (1). For this particular essay, the adaptation that will be discussed is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Although the movie does stay for the most part true to the book there are still some major differences that did not meet the book’s standards. Some of the major differences were how certain characters reacted to situations, some characters were left out of the movie completely, and there were important details left out that explained a lot of what happened throughout the story. The movie adaptation does; however, do the book justice by getting most of the more important factors of the book on screen, having the characters look similar to how they are described in the book, and following the story of the book and not changing it to what the producers think would make it better.

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