Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Motivation

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The Harry Potter series relates to children and all types of readers, inviting them into the new and different world. The Harry Potter world however parallels the real world much more than many initially think. Students who relate to the world of Harry Potter and have grown up hearing his name along with other favorite characters engage in the story more than with any generic story often used in classrooms. The Harry Potter series engages the students and encourages learning through a subject in which the students have found interest. Keith McPherson in his article “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Motivation” from the journal Teacher Librarian discusses the importance of an engaged child while they read,“Reading-related research finds that reading motivation increases when students are actively engaged with real-world reading materials in real-world interactions (qtd. Brophy, 1998; Csikszentmihalyi, 1991; Yair, 2000).” Children who enjoy the stories they read, develop greater reading comprehension skills and have greater motivation to continue reading and learning. A student who also relates to the characters he or she reads about will discover a connection to reading that only improves the child’s desire to read. The desire to read does not decrease with age, but in fact increases. This claim remains especially true when the love of reading develops early. One advantage of the Harry Potter series includes the range of ages that relate to the story and its

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