Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone Essay

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Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone Harry Potter starts off slow, but gets very interesting near the end. In the beginning, you meet the Dursleys, Harry’s aunt, uncle, and their son Dudley. Then you learn that Harry’s parents were witches, and that they were destroyed by a evil wizard. A good witch, Albus Dumbeldoor, sends Harry to the Dursleys, because they’re his only remaining family. The Dursleys however, hated Harry and his family, so Harry was mistreated for years. He was forced to live in a cuborrod under the stairs. He had to watch as the fat, stuck up Dudley got whatever he wanted, and then usually broke whatever it was he got. Then one day Harry got a letter. As Harry was beginning to read the letter, his uncle,…show more content…
So Harry’s letters started coming through the chimney. After they came through the chimney, Uncle Vernon made every one pack up and then they just drove for hours on end. After they finally finished driving, they found out that Uncle Vernon had rented a small house, which was really more a shack, that was out on an island. They had to take a small boat a row out to the house. But, this didn’t stop the letters, except this time they were personally delivered. The letters were personally delivered by a giant witch named Hagrid. Hagrid explained to Harry about his parents and how they died, and he told Harry that he was a witch. Hagrid also told Harry that Harry would be going to the finest witch school in all the land, Hogwarts. So, Harry and Hagrid set off to by Harry’s school supplies. To buy these supplies, Hagrid and Harry had to go to another dimention, where only witches could go. After they got there, Harry found out that he was famous because the witch who killed his parents couldn’t kill Harry. Because he couldn’t kill Harry, the witch had disappeared for some reason. After Harry had everything he needed, he was sent back to the Dursleys. After he was with the Dursleys for a couple months, Harry went off on a train to Hogwarts. When he got to Hogwarts, Harry made a couple friends, and an enemy. After a while Harry became a total snoop around the school. He found out that the evil
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