Harry Potter Argumentative Essay

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Anyone who has worked with children will agree that they are very impressionable. Even young adults are influenced by the media, literature, peers, money, and paradigms which is why parents and guardians would also agree that any impressionable source their children come in contact with should include desirable, good-natured content, such as life lessons and morals. In the past two decades, Harry Potter, a famous work of J.K. Rowling, has become increasingly popular and well known, but sensations also come with reproaches from strong willed adults that claim simple fictional details are consuming and corrupting their children. Parents and guardians believe that Harry Potter should be banned from use in schools and libraries, but they don’t…show more content…
Parents have called for Harry Potter, a children’s fantasy story, to be removed from schools. The main argument these concerned parents have is that the magic-filled books encourage involvement in the occult and the practice of satanic worship. They are scared that the exposure their children experience through the books will cause them to accept this as normal and will “view the occult in a favorable light, abandoning any thought about the very real and present danger that interaction with the occult realm can and does bring” (Barger, n.p.). Adults are automatically assuming that something as simple and entertaining as harmless, magic spells will encourage young readers to start sacrificing animals to Satan himself, when really they are just simply amazed with the Latin-based words. Religious families in particular say that Rowling’s works confuses kids and draws them away from their faith that their parents have installed into them since birth (Dunne, para. 9). Many of the actions that Harry and his friends take clash with religious practices, but other parents say that they are setting a bad example by lying, breaking rules, and disobeying teachers then eventually getting rewarded for their rebellious actions. Parents seem to think that heroes are entirely good people, follow every rule in place, and show respect for every person. As the media has shown in the past years…show more content…
Children who have read the series are not overcome with satanic temptation. Instead, many have been inspired to do great things, despite the background that they come from. For many kids, Harry Potter is what sparked their love for reading which lead them to dive in to even greater things and learn more than they could imagine. In an abstract way, harry potter also answers life’s greatest questions: “Can one rely on one’s own mind? Is life to be eagerly embraced or fearfully skirted? Can good succeed or does evil ultimately win?” (Durante, para 5). The books answer these questions positively in a way that children can easily understand. “It is the story’s abstract meaning, not its physical setting that influences the reader” (Durante, para 8). Throughout the seven books, Rowling also unintentionally teaches morals to kids. Through Hermione, Rowling shows the importance of school work and studying; Ron expresses loyalty and good friendship; Harry teaches courage and bravery in the face of hardship; Snape enlightens the true meaning of loving someone, always; Dumbledore teaches us that persistence and knowledge is valued, even after your time. Countless other characters also teach qualities that children should learn at a young age so they grow up to be responsible adults. The awe-inspiring series also teaches kids in a subtle
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