Harry Potter Banned?

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The Question: Banish Harry Potter? Everyone loves to sit down and read a good book that really makes you get into it. What about a type of literature that really makes you wonder and is not realistic but fun to read about because it is different. Then maybe you should read the book called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which was written by a talented writer named J.K. Rowling. This is an amazing book that is very popular, but then at the same time very disliked by some also. Witchcraft and other mythical actions happen upon this novel and can capture your mind in the first chapter. It can capture children and adults alike; this is not just a book for children. Some adults think otherwise though because many of them have been…show more content…
One person should not have the right to ban one single book and its series from an entire school district. This novel captivates many different kinds of people even including the sports fans and is a great public book to read (Rowling). Harry Potter has created some frightening incidents, but you can't blame the Harry Potter (Aferguson). A public place is a place that is opened to a variety of cultures and different views. That is why a public school is considered public because it is supposed to be opened to all kinds of beliefs and views. This is a place for open-minded people to experience different situations and a variety of people. There are so many magnificent creations and life experiences that you can learn from this novel because people decided to explore out of their own little bubble and not think of it as evil (Aferguson). There are all kinds of different arts everywhere from around the world and not all of it is going to be the same, which makes the public unique. If you are narrow minded then maybe you and your children should not be in a public school. Harry Potter is a fairy-tale kind of adventure that you have to be very imaginative in. There are so many magnificent creations and life experiences because people decided to explore out of society's bubble (Aferguson). You have to be opened about this because it is a different type of book that people are not used to reading
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