Essay Harry Potter Hysteria: Is Harry Potter Dangerous

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The revolutionary book series Harry Potter has been taking the world by storm for just over the past 10 years. Though many enjoy the series, Individuals are frightened that their children will fall under its evil spell. Though shrouded in this controversy, the Harry Potter book series has brought more good to children across the globe than it has done harm.

Opponents of the Harry Potter Book series claim that it will lead children to a life of practicing magic or the occult more accurately known as Wicca. These people are misinformed about the actual definition of Wicca and the occult. The Merriam Webster Dictionary (MWD) defines the word Occult as ‘to shut off from view or exposure’ (Occult). The MWD define Wicca as ‘a religion
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A Yule log is burned to celebrate the shortest day of the year, the winter equinox, to bring warmth to the heart and remind them of the summer fires.

Like any other religion its customs are misunderstood by those who refuse to attempt to understand them. Once again Wicca can be defined as ‘witchcraft, esp. Benevolent, nature-oriented practices derived from pre-Christian religions’. (Wicca

In 1990, J.K. Rowling came up with the idea of the now famous orphaned wizard named Harry Potter. Unfortunately she was commuting from Manchester to London and didn't have a pen to write with while the train was delayed. She finally got home and started writing what would become a revolutionary book, loved by millions around the globe (Anelli 19). In 1996 Bloomsbury Publishing Company buys from J.K. Rowling the first Harry Potter story, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Author - Biography). It wouldn't be until June 26 1997, that Bloomsbury Publishing finally publishes her story. Only a year later, September 1 1998, American audiences would be able to get their first taste of the now revolutionary series. Less then a year after that the first banning and restrictions would be placed upon the books.

In 1999, a school superintendent from Zeeland, Michigan put a ban on the books disallowing children from checking the books out with out a parent permission slip. Fourth grade students formed an anti-censorship group

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