Harry Potter Myths

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Legend goes that J.K. Rowling sat on the train between Portugal and England, when the idea for Harry Potter started flowing through her. On her way back, she had just left her abusive marriage, had a young child she could barely provide for, and was living on government aid. Through writing, her mind was no longer focused on the pain of her life, but on the characters. The readers of Harry Potter are also able to forget their live for a second, and focus on the magic of these stories. Their pain is no longer the pain that they are suffering in their daily lives, but rather the readers are focused on what the storyline is. They can escape the world. The idea of escaping the world through art is not a new one. If a book is well written and the act of imagination is employed, one is able to…show more content…
But as time goes on, he is finally able to take charge. In the same way, many of us see this world and think about how it is impossible to make a change, about how one would rather live in another galaxy. Imagine if Harry had never accepted his role. The Wizarding World would be in shambles, overtaken by a villain. In the same way, one must accept their role in this Earth, no matter how mundane it may seem to them now, so that we can save and protect it. Art can help us accept our role in the Earth, for art can show us different perspectives that we had never thought about. Through art, people can learn about ethics and moral issues where they could have not in real life. The Harry Potter books deal with racism through the separation of classes in the Wizarding World, and many children who had never had access to such information were able to learn and broaden their minds. Through escaping the world and learning about blood purity in Harry Potter, the child, after done reading, is able to create connections to modern-day and historical racial
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