Harry Potter Propaganda Essay

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Propaganda plays a large role in fictional advertising. Throughout the Harry Potter novels, it is clearly shown that there are two sides. There is the good side and the bad. In the image “MUDBLOODS”, you can see which side is depicted as the bad side. While analyzing this image it clearly shows the relationships that are seen in the Harry Potter world. Through propaganda techniques and using ethos and pathos, viewers can understand what the image is trying to convey. The Harry Potter novels are based from a wizarding world view. Some of the people in this world have magical power. They can attend the school for wizards know as Hogwarts. People that do not have magical powers, usually do not know about the wizarding world, unless
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This image has a strong ethos. Ethos is how credible a source is. This image was produced by the Ministry. The Ministry has a strong influence on the wizarding world. It is easy for the Ministry to persuade people to be against half-bloods, because they have a lot of insight into the Wizarding world. People trust the Ministry. They were helpful in the past, so people still believe that they are good. It does not matter if they are bad, purebloods will still support them, giving this image great credibility. If they say that mudbloods are dangerous, then they probably…show more content…
Through the use of name calling, glittering generalities, and card stacking, the image persuades the viewer to be scared of half-bloods. The Ministry of Magic clearly wants people to think that half-blooded wizards are bad wizards when they are not. The words that are used and the color schemes effect how the viewer feels about the Ministry and half-bloods. From this image, the views should be scared of half-bloods, and feel hopeful in the ministry. The different propaganda techniques used and the effects of ethos and pathos give this image strong influence in the wizarding world, making it a very good piece of
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