Harry Potter Series: Prisoner Of Azkaban

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The Harry Potter book series is pretty interesting, they are full of well-developed and interesting characters, and has some mysteries that leave you wondering. to where I am going is to the third book, Prisoner of Azkaban, we are introduced to someone that every Harry Potter fan loves, he is a very interesting character and his name is Lupin. Lupin is a very interesting eye catching person that knows how to care for each others, knows how to teach in a fun way, and knows how to comfort people Harry and his friends have been friends with Lupin for a long time, Lupin has been nice and helpful to them and I won't just leave this here, I have evidence about him. When Harry, Ron, and Hermione were on the train, Lupin was sleeping in the same…show more content…
Neville said 'riddikulus!' pointing his wand to boggart Snape, the boggart turned into Neville's grandma and everyone had fun Lupin is a really nice guy, he knows how to comfort and to fit in just well with whoever he wants to fit in with, excluding Malfoy and his crew. When Harry and company were on the train and Harry just saw the dementor, he was almost in shock, because of the cold feeling inside him, as well as his creepy shape, so Lupin gave each one of Harry's friends (including Harry) a piece of chocolate he was keeping, it made Harry feel warmer. So in conclusion, I was right, Lupin cares for whoever it is, doesn't matter if he does or doesn't know them he knows how to teach people in a fun way, he knows how to comfort people and to treat them well. Lupin is a nice guy with a great attitude that is nice to whoever needs
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