Harry Potter : The Book Is Better

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In recent years, two books have come about to be immensely popular on the market. Those books are Twilight and Harry Potter. Harry Potter is about adolescent wizard and his best friends; they attend a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The main story is Harry 's quest to defeat the evil wizard Lord Voldemort. He wants to control the wizarding world and overpower non-magical people; he wants to get rid of his oppressors which just happen to be, Harry’s parents. Twilight is about a girl named Isabella, who has moved to a new town and does not know anyone in her new town. She meets a boy named Edward Cullen, who is later revealed to be a vampire. She also meets another boy, Jacob Black, who is a werewolf. She falls in love with both of them and is having a hard time deciding who should have her heart entirely. These two books are both plentiful, but the problem is: Which book is better? Harry Potter is better when compared to Twilight because J.K. Rowling took time to develop her story. Her plot was created during a 15+ year period. This is what makes me and many other readers want to read the book nonstop. The plot seems like it happened in real life and J.K. was there and she just wrote down what she saw. Stephanie Meyer’s story was more fanciful as if it were a dream. Between these two plots, one can see which one the reader is most likely to be able to relate to; this affected Stephanie Meyer’s book severely. J.K. Rowling has a writing style that is hugely appealing to…
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