Harry Potter : Who Shall Be Named

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He Who Shall Be Named All around there are whispers of a name. Everyone recognizes the name and immediately associates it with fame and the chosen one. He was made a celebrity within less than a few months of being born. So who is this famed being? Why none other than Harry Potter! While he never had the option of taking on the role to fame, he stills has the opportunity to create his own destiny instead of being stuck with a destined life. Harry Potter is restricted to what his childhood made him, but ultimately his own decisions in life determine his destiny. Other readers may claim that Harry’s life is predestined, and he could not change it any way. One could say that from the day Voldemort decided to show and kill his…show more content…
From this it can be claimed that Harry was destined to always be fighting with Voldemort. The first encounter between Harry , as a baby, and Voldemort can be considered as the official beginning of their never-ending encounters. Neither Harry nor Voldemort wish to give in to the other side meaning neither side will give up until the other falls. While each of those arguments showed legitimate value toward the opposing argument of Harry having a predestined life, the arguments for him creating his own legacy rises above. J.K Rowling is responsible for the creation of Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. While she has made a point of emphasizing the fame of Harry Potter, she also leaves room for Harry to grow as a character. Even throughout the entire series, Harry has the opportunity to do as he pleases. Instead of him being predestined to a specific life he develops as a character due to his discovery of the magic, the friends he makes, and his overall personality. If Harry Potter had his life fully predestined we would see the story fall into place in a much different way without as much suspense. Once Harry was dropped off at number four, Privet Drive he left the magic world behind before having a chance to be really introduced into it. Even with Harry spending his first ten years with the Dursley’s,
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