Harry Potter and its effect on how people percieve witchcraft and wizardry

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There are seven books stacked one after the other on a table, waiting to be opened by the reader. They were just there tempting its owner, causing him/her to take several glances at the books as they worked on important matters. It was calling to the reader, calling and begging to be opened again after the six long years of being untouched. It wasn’t only the books calling out, so was its film adaptation. They pick up one of the books, opening it to the first chapter, “The Boy Who Lived”, and started reading; they now re-join the journey of growing up once again with Harry Potter.
Readers would gladly read the series again and there is a reason why. The series revolves around three protagonists, Harry Potter, Hermionie Granger and
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Kronzek and E.Kronzek 254). Women and men who were deemed to be wise and have magical abilities, were called witches and wizards, which was the common meaning of the two words in the 14th to 17th century (A.Z. Kronzek and E. Kronzek 266). But there are places where people misuse the meaning of witch or wizard to benefit them or to get rid of rivals in the community. This is seen at Salem Village, Massachusetts. The witch hunt in Salem Village was not the usual starting point of a witchcraft craze, it happened because of a fortune telling game that the children played. One of the little girls claimed to have seen a coffin in her reading bringing fear to the players and making them act different from usual. No one knew why they had fits and would shout. The villagers assumed that witchcraft was the reason for the unusual behaviour of the children (Bastable, et. al. 98). The children accused three women, which led to creating a court to where they would have the trials. These trials were chaotic because of the children, those said to be bewitched, were worse than before. They would claim to see visions, shouting, saying blasphemous things, etc. (Bastable, et. al. 99). As time passed, more villagers were

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