Harry Truman 's Fair Deal

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After a decade of Democracy, the Republican party moved into the White House. Along with this shift in the government, there were also many economical and social issues that followed along. Once the first election of the decade in 1952, the government started to factor in the Korean War, inflation, the New Deal, Harry Truman’s Fair Deal, and the major problem with John McCarthy and McCarthyism. In the background of the politics in the nation, economically things were changing. As World War II was ending and the Korean War was in its early stages, a period of inflation affected the United States. In order to deal with the rate of inflation old policies resurfaced and new policies were created, and finally groups of people were organized to maintain stability with the policies. Ultimately in the end the economic played a role in how the nation played out socially. This was the decade that: the baby boomers peaked, laws and protection plans were created to give veterans education and jobs, and finally civil rights movements were initiated. During the 1950’s government, financing, and social had rapid and powerful movements and changes.
When it comes to the politics across the nation during this decade there were two elections, some trials, and new acts and legislations. After the Democratic party ruled the White House for a decade, it all changed with the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. At the beginning of the decade in office was vice President Harry S Truman,…

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