Harry Wong Defines Curriculum As “The Course Of Study And

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Harry Wong defines curriculum as “the course of study and experiences that states what the students are to learn.” (Wong, 2009, p.232). Curriculum is the driving force of the content to be taught and the methods to be used. The most effective curriculum is designed by a committee made up of teachers, administrators, and curriculum specialists. This committee is tasked with unpacking standards as they are reviewed and integrated into the committee’s design. It also strives to propose curricular and instructional strategies that best convey the required content for each course of study. Demographics LeRoy Myers Middle School, located in the heart of Savannah, Georgia, is on the city’s east side. It is the home of the Mighty Gators.…show more content…
Teachers are to act as facilitators who guide students to become active thinkers. The community is viewed as an extension of the classroom parents take an active role in the learning process by acting as goal setters and planners as well as resources for student learning. Students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community and business leaders have a voice in the making decisions that impact the school. Instruction is no longer a linear process, as knowledge is gained through active engagement-play, direct experience, and social interaction. Students drive instruction as the questions that they pose are integrated into the learning process. Learning is encouraged to take place through interdisciplinary channels. Again, it is not a linear process. Disciplines are integrated to allow children to make connections. Assessment is an important instructional tool because it is progress-oriented. The data derived from formative and summative benchmarks is used to not only measure student progress, but also as a prescriptive measure when remediation is needed. Academic success is no longer viewed as a competition based on recall, memory, and rote means of instruction. Collaboration and cooperative learning are fundamentals for learning. They encourage not only student growth, but also develop life-long social skills. Societal beliefs are often used in establishing

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