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One of a Kind: Harry Woodworth and his Passion for Engagement Technology
Harry Woodworth is one of the few students at his university to land a tech internship the summer after his freshman year. Woodworth is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science at Binghamton University. Notably, Binghamton has produced graduate David Czarnecki, who worked as lead engineer for the immensely successful video game Guitar Hero. The game allows users to get a sense of how to read and appreciate music on an electronic guitar. Like Czarnecki, Woodworth intends to work on similar types of technologies that interactively engage and educate users. With Harry’s sharp programming skills and love for game development, he would fit right into the software development
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At HackBU, Binghamton’s hackathon, he spent his time developing Explosive Tag, an app built with the Unity game engine. The goal of the game is to try to tag the other player by hurdling a bomb towards their avatar. Currently, Harry is experimenting with different game engines and plans to design his own in the future. Woodworth doesn’t just center his energy towards hackathons; in his spare time, he builds useful utilities and games with languages and technologies such as: C++, Java, Python, C#, HTML, and Git. Additionally, Harry has conducted research that focuses on technology and the education system. He has written papers on how video games and augmented reality can produce greater engagement as well as promote passion in the classroom.
As a freshman, Harry interned with the Quality Assurance team at Kodak Alaris, a photo imaging company that produces hardware and software. From this experience, he was able to internalize important software development workflows such as Agile. Harry learned that product quality is one of the most important aspects of software development. He left this internship with experience in a development workflow, an understanding of the workplace environment, and overwhelming confidence in his choice of

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