Harry 's Death - Original Writing

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Harry lunched to life as he heard the springs of his military crib rattle beneath him. His hands reached blindly in the dark for his gun, gritting his teeth together. He was about five seconds away from pulling the trigger when Louis’ slightly shrill voice filled his ears. “Bloody hell Harry, put that thing down it’s me.” Harry did just that. “What are you doing? Your bed is over the other side of the room. I wasn’t expecting to see you.” “I couldn’t sleep. Figured I would talk to you.” Harry fell silence in the darkness before scrubbing his eyes with the backs of his fists feeling exhaustion rear its ugly head and creep in bed beside him. His lids and head hung heavy. He wanted sleep, needed it. Though it was rare for he and Louis…show more content…
This felt both new and familiar. He couldn’t help but ask, “What are you doing?” Louis’ breath grew closer until his lips were pressing into Harry’s neck, soft and warm, though slightly cracked from the blistering winter. “Nothing… sorry.” Louis didn’t pull back. “Someone is going to see us and we are going to be bloody arrested.” Harry wasn’t sure when but sometime between him starting to speak to Louis and him concluding to speak, Louis’ hand had found his waist and stayed there. “What are they going to arrest us for Harry? We’re just two friends talking to one another.” “Talking to one another while bloody snuggling in bed Louis, you know what it will look like if we get caught. We look like-” Harry cut himself off, saying no more. “We look like a couple?” Louis finished it for him with the inclination of his brow. “But we aren’t” “But we could be.” Again there was nothing but silence. This silence was killing Louis. He needed something, anything to go off because right now god only knew where they stood. It was clear Harry’s shocked silence wasn’t ending any time soon, so Louis filled it the only way he could. “Say something,” He begged. Louis could hear Harry sucking in a breath through his teeth, a nervous habit he had since he was young. Harry never told Louis this, but his mother had shared it with Louis once when she came down to see Harry in Paris for a weekend. Her name was Anne and she seemed to like Louis very much. She said she was
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