Harry 's Point Of View

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Author 's Note: So this story will now be in Harry 's point of view, just so you guys have a better understanding on how he feels, about how he was raised, and how he feels about the test for finding a dom! Hope you enjoy. ~~~~~ I sat in my room, staring up into the ceiling fan, watching it revolve slowly. Slowly I found myself counting each time is made a full rotation, I soon felt myself slowly fading to sleep, because realistically, it 's pretty much the same as counting sheep. I should be packing, because in two days I will be taking my test to see who I will get matched up with and to see who 's my dom. I 'm packing because if my dom likes me, after the "Interview", I will be sent to live with him. Honestly, I would love to have a kind and caring dom, unlike how mom and dad had described how a dom would be like, so I could actually breath for the first time, actually express how I feel. Actually feel like I could be loved, for being me... Instead of being loved for obeying rules, and not "complaining". I want to feel loved for showing my personality, not showing my obedience... But I know that I am getting ahead of myself now. I 've never heard of a loving, caring dom. And a dom isn 't required to love you to give you a contract, they aren 't required to marry you, to make you their boyfriend. A dom doesn 't have to love you at all, all they have to do is care for you, and give you a roof over your head. Knock-Knock "Come in."I announced loud enough for the
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