Harsher Penalties On The Crime Rate

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In The United States, there is a direct correlation between the states with the lowest and highest unemployment rates; and the lowest and highest crime rates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the states with the lowest unemployment rates generally have the lowest crime rates (Bureau of Labor Statistics). One can argue harsher penalties would most likely deter criminals from committing crimes, but preventive measures are most efficient for decreasing the crime rate. The most efficient way to reduce the rising crime rate in the United States is to install more preventative measures, heavily regulate privatized prisons that are run for individual profit, and provide more support and lenient treatment for petty criminals.

By installing more preventative measures such as after school sports groups or activities, streetlights and more police patrol, communities can significantly reduce the crime rate. According to Denise Gottfredson of “Prevention Science” children who are unsupervised from the time they get out of school until the time their parents come home from work, have a higher risk of committing a crime (Denise Gottfredson). In order to prevent the large gap of supervision after school, children should attend or join after school sports groups or activities. After school activities or sports allows children to release any anger they may have; by releasing their emotions the children are less likely to have aggressive behavior towards their community.
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