Hart on the World of Anxiety

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Hart (2001) starts his theory of connecting to the world of anxiety in the field of counseling by stating that anxiety is the number one emotional problem of our day — that anxiety should always be considered and its role and significance on the body (p. v). He postulated this back in 1999 and now fifteen years later this is truer today than back then. Our society is faster paced and demanding than in years past too. Hart (2001) reminds us that researchers have discovered that stress is the major cause to anxiety as it wreaks havoc with our brain’s biochemistry; his main premise is that although anxiety medication may help, they will not cure anxiety — in fact anxiety can be biologically based and the anxiety discussed in scripture is more akin to “worry,” which is a learned behavior (p. vi). Hart reminds us that humans were designed for camel travel, but most people are now acting like supersonic jets; in a nutshell, most of us are living at too fast a pace (Hart, 2001, p. vi). Hart (2001) gives us a formula for understanding his theory as high anxiety is caused by the depletion of our brains natural tranquilizers as overextension and stress flood the body with high adrenaline.
Life changes are what Hart (2001) tells us will cure anxiety. Hart gives the reader a process to understand what anxiety is and how it is produced in the body. He mentions two factors that are paramount to the understanding of stress related anxiety: the first GABA (Gamma-Amino butyric acid)
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