Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Advertising

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Our second marketing tactic is an advertisement through which we hope to appeal to our diverse demographics. We will accomplish this through the creation of a QR code, which will help better find our restaurant in a busy airport. This QR code can be scanned from anywhere in the airport by anyone with a QR code reader and can be used to transport them straight to the restaurant. It works just like a GPS but the destination is already set for you. Most people spend a lot of time on their phone so this marketing tactic could potentially appeal to many of them. It will become popular because of it being so convenient, which many people look for in the airport. Considering when you buy a cell phone most of them already have some type QR code reader, …show more content…

This cost comes the fee of making the website which is $119 per year. We must also take into consideration the cost of airport advertisement and other costs associated with running the restaurant which up to about $8,000 per month. When you multiply the monthly advertising cost by 12 you will have a yearly cost of approximately $96,000. According to numbers found when conducting an experiment to test effectiveness of online advertisements, 3/10 people say they are influenced by them. By looking at Hartsfield-Jackson airport we found that there are about 125,000 people that pass through each terminal on a daily basis. When you apply the statistic saying that 3/10 people will pay attention to this advertisement, you will have a total of 37,500 potential customers. While this is the maximum potential demographic, if only one percent of the people use the statistic and come to Stix, we will still have 375 customers to serve daily. We take one percent to show that in some of the worst circumstances Stix will still be able to make a profit. Assuming that each customer buys at least one menu item at the average price of $3.99, you will make initial revenue of $1,496.25. If you multiply this by 365 you will have yearly revenue of about $546,131.25. When you subtract your yearly expenses you will have a profit of approximately

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