Harvard Business Case Study: China Walmart

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Walmart- China 1. Customers patronize Wal-Mart China stores because they have low prices which are a great asset to china’s consumers who are more cost sensitive than other countries. Although, China’s consumers like to go to store after store to find the cheapest price, and of course Wal-Mart contains those low prices. Wal-Mart also established through studies and research that China’s customers valued great customer satisfaction which in return they displayed their loyalty by coming back over and over. Therefore, making some consumers skeptical to shift to Wal-Mart. Sustainability means everything to customers in China because like mentioned before consumers are loyal to the companies in which they have previously interacted with.…show more content…
The public perception that a company renders when pertaining to creating a better environment is also a sustainability tactic used by Wal-Mart. In China they show that the environment is a concern by providing convenient drop-off locations for batteries. This is to ensure they are not placed in landfills where they give off harmful chemicals that contaminate the ground water. 5. Wal-Mart China will show the government and employees that they are doing the best possible in advancing sustainability by showing that they are here to stay and stay in a better environment. They can also show that they care about their employees by providing incentives such as break times, vacation days, and special employee discounts. Global Express 1. This buyout would reduce competition in the European region, while giving a powerful firm a strong foothold in the European region. UPS’s old competitor DHL has been successfully operating in Europe since 2009 even through the recession. SO there would be larger companies in the European market, one which has little experience in the European market. Also, there will be a loss of smaller to medium size express-packaging businesses lose margins to global companies. 2. Prices in this market may continue to go down, because in 2009 DHL

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