Harvard Business Review 's Fixing Health Care From Inside & Out

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Harvard Business Review’s Fixing Health Care From Inside & Out was a unique collection of examples on how all members of a health system, both clinical and administrative, make a huge different on operations. This compilation not only provided exceptionally informative articles, but also many charts, graphs, and other depictions to back up the points the contributors were making. Many of the remarks in these articles seemed to be simple fixes or strategies that do not seem that hard to implement, but in reality they are so challenging because making changes can be a big deal for any organization. All ten of the articles offered a distinct perspective and innovative ideas that future healthcare leaders such as myself could use moving forward. Some of the key points highlighted were to implement changes on smaller scales first and then go larger, to tackle issues as they come up and not put them off for the future, and also the importance of all staff working together as a team rather than in pursuit of individual goals. “Community Relations 2.0” by Gerald C. Kane, Robert G. Fichman, John Gallaugher, and John Glaser was the article that I found to be the most interesting and applicable to current events in health care. They discussed how the internet and social media affect changes and ways that administration in health care systems can combat issues that arise online. It also discussed some of the positives of contemporary technologies and how crucial it is to have a

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