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Consider this excerpt from the Harvard Business Review’s Daily Blog: https://hbr.org/2015/03/setting-the-record-straight-on-negotiating-your-salary and answer the questions that follow in as much detail as possible 1) Who are the parties in this negotiation? Who is the “third side?” (1 point) I believe the parties in this negotiation are the employee and employer who are negotiating. While the third side is the information available online or people who are currently working or have worked in the employee’s field of interest. These third side could help complementing information to employee in order to become well prepared and well equipped with necessary knowledge. 2) Do you agree with the strategies mentioned? Why or why not? (3…show more content…
Not only it will reduce your likeability, but the employer may no longer have interest with you. Not to bargain too hard and stick to a certain number is a good idea as it prevents tension rising up, and allows collaboration between two parties. Just like what the textbook says, it is important to have patience and endurance, as well as stamina and willingness to proceed until an agreement between two parties is reached. However, it does not mean that employee should force a certain figure of salary and become a stubborn negotiator, as negotiating is all about resolving any conflicts and arrive at an agreement. I agree that instead of acting a hardball, it is better to explain your perspectives in a polite and respectful manner. It will show that the employee has a good professional manner. The experts from the reading also mentioned the importance of research and planning beforehand, which I could not agree on more. Their statement is definitely in sync with the textbook too, of how planning for a negotiation session prepares us in facing unexpected stress during negotiation and how to overcome them. It is crucially important to plan the negotiation objectives and know what your goals to achieve are. It is also recommended to pay attention to details, such as finding a good time and place that sustains a good professional negotiation environment. 3) Arlan Arnsten (former SVP of Stone
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