Harvard Business School Mba Program

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As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA program? The oval table spanned the length of the massive empty room. I sat in a chair in one corner of the room, leg twitching, with my notebook in one hand and BlackBerry in the other. Portraits of grey-haired men donning dark suits and stoic dispositions filled the back wall. Floor-to-ceiling windows completed the almost clichéd scene of the 40th floor boardroom at Morgan Stanley’s headquarters in Times Square. One by one, important looking people I had never met filed into the room, taking seats opposite the CFO and Investor Relations team. One of the junior members of the latter noticed me and called…show more content…
After telling her how honored I was to be part of a team so intimate and interesting, I asked why she made the move to Investor Relations. She explained that it was something James (Gorman, CEO) said to her when she jokingly asked him how two of his C-level executives were able to work together when all they did was shout at each other in meetings. He chuckled and said plainly, “Exactly.” He went on to say that he looks at his operating committee like a diversified portfolio, a collection of talents. He would rather none of his team be friends. This way they aren’t afraid to challenge one another. They aren’t all thinking the same way. She noted that through working closely with someone like that, she would become a better manager and a more dynamic thinker. The heads of the Fixed Income & Commodities division sat across from us. I feverishly took notes as Jon proceeded to dig deep into the numbers, pressing for more information at every opportunity. The room felt tense. It was near this time last year that he and the company’s board made the decision to cut roughly a quarter of this division’s workforce on the back of several disappointing earnings results and a challenged backdrop across Wall Street. As his questions slowed to a halt and we finished reviewing the numbers, Jon bellowed, “Alright, you knew this was coming! Three themes: what are they? What’s the story for the quarter? Why should anyone care? Why should
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