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Individual Assignment
Identify the main purpose and mission of a PMO and what are the main challenges and obstacles in implementing a PMO? (HBS: The AtekPC Project Management Office)

Submitted by: KMO Greene

The AtekPC Company found in 1984 has grown in size and scope to become a mid-sized technology PC manufacturer. The company now boasts 2100 fulltime employees with an additional 200 part time workers and revenues of $1.9 billion. AtekPC finds itself, like all other PC manufacturers facing a changing industry, one that is transitioning from a growth market industry to a maturing market industry and like all competitors in the marketplace, AtekPC is experiencing tremendous
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Without constraints, Nelson would employ a team of people consisting of project analysts, as well as managers very rapidly. He was more concerned in the group’s productivity and outcomes than in how the group might be perceived or affects organizational culture at AtekPC.
The issue of implementing a PMO and the obstacles associated with implementing the PMO at AtekPC is not unique to AtekPC. Most organizations that are implementing a new PMO do so as a result of changing times, changing market forces or changing personnel and culture. AtekPC finds itself having to deal with changing market forces as the PC industry moved away from a growth market industry to a mature market industry. Cost pressures increase tremendously on mature markets since areas for growth are no longer viable. Managers must effectively manage processes and supply chain to maximize profits in a mature market industry. PMO offers centralized efforts that are dedicated to improving the practice and results of the organizations project management.
The challenges for implementing the PMO at AtekPC are roughly the same most companies have had to overcome in implementing PMOs. Some of AtekPC’s challenges are as follows:
Lack of recognition of value of PMO to the organization and evaluating the effectiveness of the PMO within the organization – Because many mature organization view PMO as just another reporting mechanism for senior management, it
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