Harvard Case Study: Analysis Of Lincoln Electric Company

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Organization Culture. Analyze of Lincoln Electric Company Harvard Case Study by Arthur Sharplin. Organization culture which is a system of shared assumptions,values,and beliefs showing people what appropriate and inappropriate behavior can best be analysed in the Lincoln Electric Company from the P-O-L-C Framework as below. Planning The company is primarily engaged in the manufacturing and sale of arcwelding products-electric welding machines and metal electrodes.Lincoln also produces electric motors ranging from half horsepower to 200 horsepower. Motors constitute about eight to ten percent of total sales. James F. Lincoln,who was the founder of the organizatio came from a Christian background.HisChristian principles at the centre of…show more content…
For example,the Vice-President Sales,and the Vice-President,Electrode Division report to the President,as do various staff assistants such as Personnel Director and the Director of Purchasing. The culture of the organization puts the customer first ahead of the stakeholders for main growth,and which is generally belief by all. Lincoln comment that labor and management are properly not warring camps;they are parts of one organization in which they must and should coorperate fully and happily has made an easy effort to organize employees in the organization. Leading Apart from the company president,which is the head,the company still has a Board of Directors with the chairman of the board.And also an advisory board,elected by the workers are generally valued by the employees. The Lincoln Electric Employees' Association was formed in 1919 to provide hearth benefits and social activities.This organization continues today and has assumed several addittional functions over the years. Managements at each departments of the rganization have the power of decision making. Employees have the assess to the elected Advisory Board for any question or suggestion. Each supervior formally evaluates his surbordinates based on the Merit Rating Card well know to the
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