Harvel Blackwood Monologue

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My name is… was Lucius Blackwood. You may have heard of me. The man who revolutionised gaming, the sole creator of the VRMMO: Alkareth: A New Beginning. Or I would’ve been if I had enough fucking funding!... Calm down, Lucius… so, I died from… slipping on a banana peel… after a hamster jumped onto my face… don’t ask me how! And, I fell out of a window, onto a pole, which fell onto a truck, and the truck crashed into several cars… killing some, and… the truck… with me still on it! And still alive! Fell into the local river… and I drowned… now, I’m in hell.

“Hello there… Lucius Blackwood, welcome to hell” Said a smoking hot demon chick, as she looked at a clipboard.

“Hi… why am I here?” I asked as politely as I could.

“Let’s see… hmm… worshipping false idols,
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“So, where do I go?” I ask.

“Bye!” She said, as a hole appeared under my feet and I fell into a seemingly endless abyss.

Until I saw a message saying:

Welcome to Alkareth!

Oh! Creator! It’s you! How did you get here? This game’s supposed to be in… “development hell”... why are you here! *gasp* did you die!? Nononononono!!! You can’t die! Creator! You’re the most powerful being! How did you die? Who killed you!? I’ll kill them for that! But I can’t because I’m still in the “development hell” and without you on the team… I’ll never leave it! Uuuuuuu~

“It’s a pleasure to see you too Aya… please let me into the game” I said, ignoring the A.I’s cries.

Y-yes Creator, do you want to be a _____, ___, _____, ______ or demon?

She asked, and I replied.

“Demon, of course...there’s nothing else...” I said.

And, I started growing horns and a tail… and contrary to popular belief, growing horns and a tail… REALLY HURTS!!!

“GAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” I shouted in pain.

Creator!? Are you okay!?... Do you need some help!? A bath!? Or…
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