Harvest Video Response Core Values

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Jacob Curti Professor Roper Sociology 101 29 January 2017
Harvest Video Response Core Values/ pg. 52: The values that are central to a group, those around which it builds a common identity. Core values were demonstrated multiple time throughout the video. They were demonstrated through the migrant works strong value on the importance of family, hard work, and the urge to try and finish schooling. Zulema, one of the young girls in the video helps her mom pick crops to help raise money for her family. She is only 13 years of age but uses one of her mom 's friend’s names to log the number of crops she gathers because she is too young. Victor another young migrant worker of the age of 15 works hard in the field and in the classroom. The
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70: An individual who significantly influences someone else. In the video there were many examples of significant others. The bond of family is a very strong theme found throughout the film. These family members are all significant others to each other. They care for each other and do as much as they can to make the significant other happy. There are a few scenes in the film that may seem like unconditional love towards each other like bringing their little ones to the field, but more than likely they have no one else to watch them. Migrant workers don 't always have significant others there were a few times in the film where they were completely alone. The three main families the film focused on all showed instances where there were significant others were there and served as another form of income for the family. Peer Groups/ pg. 80: A group of individuals, often of roughly the same age, who are linked by common interests and orientations. In the video there are three main children that are focused on, all far behind their peer groups. These children also have hindrances that put them at a disadvantage in the classroom putting them even further behind their peers. This separation of peer groups causes a great deal of depression making it hard for them to catch up or even completely separating them from the others. Without a close peer group making good life choices becomes very difficult. In the video Zulema is interview and she says that she doesn 't have
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