Harvey Macht 's The Television Show Suits, Portrayed By Actor Gabriel Macht

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Harvey Spectre is a fictional character in the TV show Suits, portrayed by actor Gabriel Macht. In the show Harvey is a senior partner at a law firm in New York City, USA, where he worked his way up from the mailroom to become an attorney and eventually a name partner of the firm. In the following paper I will explain Harvey Spectre’s personality, showing that he is extremely Type A. I will begin by exploring the origins of Type A personality, followed by the general characteristics and behavior patterns attributed to it, and contrast that with Type B personality at the other end of the spectrum. I will briefly discuss the link between Type A, more specifically hostility, and coronary heart disease. I will then look at how Harvey Spectre…show more content…
They maintained Type A pattern was a combination of overt behaviors often associated with coronary heart disease, not a typology or trait. Friedman and Rosenmann defined Type A pattern as a collection of action-emotion behaviors that can be observed in individuals. These behaviors include a struggle to achieve more and more even against opposing efforts of others, as well as a heightened pace of living, self-preoccupation and evaluation of their worthiness of activities in terms of numbers. They are prone to explosive, accelerated speech, concentrating on more than one activity at a time, and are impatient with slowness (Matthews, 1982). This was then clarified to Type A-Type B, representing almost opposite behavior patterns. It is important to note that these personality types are not mutually exclusive and instead exist on more of a continuum with most individuals falling somewhere in the middle, though some people would be more extreme Type A and others more extreme Type B. Type A behaviors often included an attraction to competition, doing things in a vigorous, efficient manner and a drive to achieve. They tend to therefore dislike wasting time, are easily aroused to anger and action, and experience frustration with more easy going people, like Type B’s. Type B people are much more relaxed, unhurried and more likely to procrastinate than their counterparts (Burger, 2015). Personality researchers began to show an interest in these personality types and they

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