Harvey Norman Case Study

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Executive Summary HN (Harvey Norman) (established in 1982) is recognised as one of the most efficient businesses in Australia at marketing their products predominantly in regard to knowledge and the implementation of their Marketing Plan and the necessity in regularly monitor the effectiveness of the marketing plan. The role of marketing is to connect a business with their consumer and the potential or future customer base. The role of marketing in HN is a huge part of its success story. Situational Analysis As at 31 December 2009, there were 195 franchised complexes throughout Australia. They have also rapidly expanded their offshore markets over the past few years, there are 70 company-owned stores located in New Zealand (31…show more content…
Promotional pricing: temporary reduction in price on a number of products on offer Competitive pricing: because HN has a large share of the market they are “price leaders” and other businesses follow them Credit terms: using independent Finance Companies which can also offer interest free periods Rental of certain products instead of purchasing e.g. computers Promotion There are several ways that HN promotes products to the consumer. • TV and Radio advertising • Newspaper Advertising • High Quality glossy brochures inserted in newspapers and letterboxes • Low budget brochures inserted in newspapers and letterboxes • In-store point-of-sale opportunities Place HN stores are located as Retail Stores across several urban areas of cities where his target markets can conveniently access them. The Stores in all HN brands have their products grouped in Departments (e.g. TV and computers etc) so customers can easily access and compare the product range. Implementation, Monitoring & Controlling As the economy is in a state of confusion, it is important that HN constantly monitor their marketing strategies. The implementation stage is quite difficult, especially as unforeseen situations may arise that put in jeopardy the success
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