Harvey's Dream and Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

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These two stories are similar in many ways, and they can be compared critically based on their diction, point of view, similarities in narration, characterization, tone, et cetera. Though the stories are from different authors and have different plots, by comparing their literary techniques, their similarities can be unearthed. Stephen King’s “Harvey’s Dream” is a fictional short story about a woman, Janet, who thinks her life is dull, thin, and lackluster. She believes her life has no life in it, and she fears her husband, whom she has had 3 children with and a very long marriage, will eventually grow old, lazy, and inevitably boring. Janet watches her husband, Harvey, sit at the table in their home and go about his usual Sunday morning, and she wishes her life would become thick and eventful. Then, he surprises her by saying he had a nightmare. Janet cannot recall the last time Harvey had a nightmare, and she instantly becomes interested. He tells his ominous dream, and Janet grows more and more uneasy, eventually becoming full blown panicked as she realizes his dream is becoming reality.
Harvey’s dream is foreshadowing what has already come true. One of their daughters, as the story alludes to, has been hit by a drunk driver and is dead. Harvey’s dream is of him getting a phone…
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