Has Culture Enhanced or Hindered my Freedom of Choice Essay

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How has my culture enhanced or hindered my freedom of choice? First I ask myself “What is culture to me?”. My definition of culture would be common thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are carried from one generation to the next. Then I ask “What is freedom of choice?” When I think of the expression “freedom of choice”, I think of an individual going through life making choices as they please. I, being that individual, do make my own choices but the more I think about it the more I realize that the choices I make are actually influenced by many factors in my life. The way I was brought up as a child, my religious background, growing up African American in a stable environment with the support of both parents’, my parents’ habitual…show more content…
By improving myself, I see how my culture has enhanced my freedom of choice immensely. Therefore, I have made a decision that will help me in the future. I was raised in a home where both of my parents were present. That informed me at a young age how important family is. Therefore, for my two daughters I desire them to develop in a home that is balanced with both parents as well. Another example of how my culture has enhanced my freedom of choice would be my religious background. I grew up in a Christian home, attended church regularly, and I attended a Christian school. This religious background laid a foundation for me to stand. When I make decisions, I most certainly consider my religious background. The positive influences that I have grown accustom to as a young child has enhanced my freedom of choice today. Just as my culture has enhanced my freedom of choice, it has hindered it as well. One way I feel that my culture has hindered my freedom of choice was my family’s lack of importance towards a college education. My family believes that a college education is undeniably important but I grew up in a family that thought that work was equally important. So not to mention, many of my family members chose to work harder not smarter. There are not many college graduates in my family, two to be exact. My grandmother never
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