Has Gender Equality In Sports Reached The Finish Line? Essay

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“The practice of physical education and sport is a fundamental right for all.” (UNESCO) Gender equality in sports is still lacking even after title IX. People seem to only care about males, when it comes to sports. Women have accomplished just as much, achievements or more in sports, but men still seem to get all of the attention. Women should receive equal treatments in sports, because attention increases womens self esteem, they get no media attention or scholarship, and finally it infringes on Title IX. Surprisingly, when women are active in sports they seem to have more self confidence and self awareness. When women are treated equally they know they are just as important as men, which has a drastic boost in their self esteem. When…show more content…
This outlook on women is definitely not going to help the situation in any matter. When women are involved more in sports they seem to express themselves better (Women 2000). Sometimes when someone is involved in a sport and usually does not communicate that well the sport seems to help them in that way that other people do not understand. When women participate in sports it can cause stereotyping towards them good and bad(“Women”). If women were to have bad stereotyping in their sports career then it would definitely not help women’s self esteem. The media is reflected in self esteem also. However self esteem is not the only cause in women in sports. Media also has a major impact in women’s sports. When women do not get the same media coverage as men do in sports, it is not fair or equal. If women had more media attention it would increase in numbers watching and the interests in the sports. It would be a huge step in women’s sports if there would be people to do document stats(“Women”). Women’s sports rarely seem to get televised, but men always get their sports televised live(Messner). If women were to have just as much media coverage they would get the same attention as men sports do. A commentator got caught not saying womens last name(Messner, Michael). There also have been cases where basketball commentators would make women feel not as important by making statements such as “big girl”(Messner). If commentators make these kind of comments then there definitely
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