Has Google Changed Us For The Worst?

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Has Google changed us for the worst?
Is Google numbing our minds? Carr claims that we are so heavily reliant on Google, that it is impeding our own mental thinking and capacity; he says that we need to rely less on Google and we need to start to rely more on our own thinking. As a result of Google, it has become the focal point of our thinking in today’s society. We no longer use our own knowledge and understanding to look up information, but rather we use Google to do our own dirty work according to Carr. Essentially, Google has numbed our minds by making us so lazy and reliant on it.
Carr states that we have become so immerse online today that our brains have become almost infinitely malleable (Carr 736). All of the information we need to know can be easily accessed through Google online; according to Carr, we need to go back to the old fashioned terms of research and gathering information. He follows up by mentioning how our brains are being used in a negative way by using Google too much. The way we process information and the way our brains are being used has become considerably less effective. As Carr mentions, the net has become a universal medium for us all, and that’s why he says it has changed us for the worst.
The effects of our reliance on Google causes us to lose our own critical thinking abilities. We no longer go and look up information in encyclopedias, or dictionaries, but instead we use Google to do it for us. Becoming lazy makes us susceptible to the way

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