Has Hollywood Been Fair? Cleopatra?

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Has Hollywood Been Fair to Cleopatra? No one can really know a hundred percent how Cleopatra was really like as a person or what she really looked like, however, the only thing we can do is use all the clues we have left from this ancient history and gather them all together for an approximate conclusion. Based on the search I have done I realized that just like any other story, Cleopatra’s story have two sides. On one side the Romans (her enemies) pictured her as this ugly, evil seductress, and men manipulator women. On the other hand, her supporters in Egypt pictured her as an intellectual, well-educated, beautiful women, scientist and philosopher. After watching the movie Cleopatra from 1963 played by Elizabeth Taylor and doing a lot of research, it seemed to me that in the movie they took the best of both sides. They showed us this incredibly beautiful women, ambitious but realistic and logical, strong but emotional, smart but passionate, evil but for the sake of good and lastly, very confident and full of herself. She even represented herself as the reincarnation of the Egyptian God Isis (Middleton 8) which, I personally think was the key to her success and failure at the same time. I can say that in the movie “Cleopatra” Hollywood has been very fair to Cleopatra. In fact, more than fair, they even pictured her as more mesmerizing than she already is. The reason why I say that is based on these two scenes that pictured really the summary of how

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