Has Social Media Ruined Love?

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Has Social Media Ruined Love? Before the beginning of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social media sites, romantic relationships would advance behind closed doors. Today, it is much easier to identify at what stage a couple is in their relationship by just turning on your phone and opening up a social media app. Therefore, status updates, tagged picture posts, and tweets are ruining romance and relationships. Social media has ruined love because it is distracting to relationships, it takes away from face to face confrontation, and quite frankly social media is tearing couples apart. To begin, social media is distracting in relationships. How many times do you open your phone everyday? Every time you open your phone you are taking several important minutes away from your life that you could be spending talking and getting to know people better. “Every day when I’m out and about, I’ll see people in elevators, I’ll see people in grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. And they’re all checking Facebook.” Source A. Many people think social networking sites are the best place to meet potential love partners, but how do you know if that person is really the person behind that computer screen. “Facebook is a great place to meet potential partners, but not to date.” Source E. You can be spending this time meeting people on the street rather than over a network. “Mixing social networking sites and relationships can be a bit of an internet disaster.
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