Hasbro's Negative Influence On Children

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In the modern world of shootings, bombings, and drugs, much of our lives is influenced by the terrors of the world we live in. We see it on the news, social media, entertainment, and everyday discussion. Even in children’s toys we see the influences of our world. Hasbro’s Nerf “blasters” are some of the most popular toys for a child to have, and almost every American child will have a water gun at some point in their life. It may be time to find out if in this age where the violence of guns and bombs is so real it is ok to mimic this savagery in a game. I believe that while imitating acts of brutality may have negative effects on teenagers, it can have very positive influences as well.

“Killer, the last-man-standing game of water-pistol
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Students can develop important values and skills, like teamwork, strategies, and sportsmanship. The teens had to work together with their group of four or less to be able to get all the “kills” on their hit list. They also have to come up with innovative ideas to trick their peers into being able to be “killed.” Finally, they have to have sportsmanship in order to accept their “death”. As the text states,”Initially, each team of up to four students is given only the identities of its immediate prey. All other players are anonymous, so that in the days leading up to the game the school becomes a souk of intelligence-gathering and disinformation. In 2007, Jake Protell, a freshman, distinguished himself by ferreting out the itinerary of a field trip that two targets were taking to Tel Aviv. Protell took a car to Newark Airport, found the victims before they passed through security, and dispatched them using two bathtub ‘squirt fish.’” and,”At 10:30 p.m. on a Wednesday, three of the four seniors, armed with Walgreens-issue water pistols, staked out Cohen’s house in a blue Toyota minivan. The idea was to use a cell phone to call the Cohens’ landline, posing as Cohen’s teammate Dominic, using Dominic’s caller I.D. The call had been engineered from a remote computer by a squad member with prodigious hacking skills.” This illustrates the level of strategery that is placed into the game. The game players produce innovative ideas to trick their “prey” into being able to be targeted. It also illustrates how team members rely on one another in order to complete the objectives of the game. Teammates of Jake Protell had to trust that he would kill their two targets. The teammates of the hacker had to ask him to get William Cohen in the proper position to get shot. This is important because the skills of
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