Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: A Case Study

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The subject of this interview is my own mother, who has Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. This is an autoimmune disorder resulting in hypothyroidism.1 According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms include fatigue, increased cold sensitivity, constipation, pale/dry skin, a puffy face, a hoarse voice, weight gain, muscle weakness/aches/tenderness/stiffness, joint pain and stiffness, swelling in the knees, hands, and/or feet, excessive menorrhagia, and depression; a goiter is sometimes seen with this disease as well. It is currently unknown what actually causes this autoimmune disorder, but risk factors include gender, age, heredity, and the presence of other autoimmune diseases. When asked about treatment and medication, my mother stated that she is currently …show more content…

She is medically well, as her disease is controlled through medication use and she is aware of how her lifestyle choices affect it. She mentioned that she knows that she needs to exercise more often, and states that she has been making an effort to become more consistent with doing so. Her caffeine and alcohol intake are below the USDA guidelines2 and there is no pharmaceutical or over the counter medication abuse. Her nutritional, fitness, and body composition wellness levels could be better, but she is knowledgeable in these areas and expresses a desire to improve. Participation in an exercise program with a trainer to guide her or set goals to meet would, in my opinion, be very beneficial for her overall wellness. This is something she and I discussed during the interview, and have discussed in the past as well. Her social wellness level is also satisfactory, as she is quite active in the community and within her own social network. However, mental wellness is an area that may be borderline. She has many stressors that are affecting her in this area, in particular the future of her job. She works as the secretary for the city sheriff, who has decided not to run for re-election. She can retire if the new sheriff wants to replace her, but she would like to stay on and continue …show more content…

Taking part in more physical activity throughout the week would be very beneficial for both of her conditions, as well as help her to “blow off some steam” in regards to her mental stressors. She is quite knowledgeable about nutrition, but does not always act on it, and after talking to her I believe that if she invested more heavily in her fitness and wellness, her diet would follow suite. Finding a program or class for this is not hard as there are plenty in the area, she just needs a push to do so. In the past she took ballet classes with a friend, which is definitely an option and is something that should be

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