Hasidic Culture

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When you enter the town of Lakewood, New Jersey, you will see stores that have signs in Yiddish and Hebrew, the men wear long beards and long black clothing, while the women wear wigs or scarves and modest, yet fashionable, clothing. The fast restaurants serve kosher food, one will also see special Hasidic school buses carry loads of noisy children, and other special buses carry Hasidic men to school and prayer. This is a culture unto its own that is right here in the back drop of the New Jersey Shore, locally just called the “Jersey Shore”.
This once strong Jersey Shore community is now adorned with traditional Hasidic Jew, their customs and culture are everywhere and they do not take well to intruders (visitors). The adjoining communities do have diversity but these surrounding towns are predominantly, Christians, working and middle class neighborhoods. One who wonders into Lakewood, NJ is likely to be struck immediately by just how Hasidic Jewish people look, it seems to be in a separate world, truly its own culture within this once suburban community in the very confine of the United States of America.
Liz Harris, in her book Holy Days, describes it
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This group is close and the community, is growing like wild fire. Lakewood Township, New Jersey, as of the 2010 United States Census the township had a total population of 92,843, representing an increase of 32,491 (+53.8%) from the 60,352 counted in the 2000 Census. It is estimated that the town will have a population of 250,000 by 2020. Recently, a community plan was released by the town council which I may add the membership is made up of elected people all of which are Hasidic. A very telling future point of this community is that the town plan did not include one line item for additional public schools to accommodate the population increase over the next five
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