Hassan Rouhani Research Paper

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As the seventh president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani has improved his country and the world. His personal life helped shaped the person he is today. He is very influential compared to other world leaders such as Joko Widodo. On 12 November 1948, in Sorken, Semnan Province, Iran, Hassan Fereydoun was born into a religious family.Hassan attended a religious school in 1960 and later changed his last name to Rouhani. In 1972, he received a B.A. Degree in Judicial Law from the University of Tehran and in 1973 he entered military service in Nishapur. In 1995, after continuing his studies at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, he received an M.Phil degree in Law, and he received a Ph.D. in Constitutional law in 1999. His education helped him become an effective president of Iran. ( Hassan Rouhani's interest in politics reached outside himself.…show more content…
Before being elected president, he played a role in the Iran-Contra affair which helped stop the Iranian nuclear problem. He was one of the officials who got to speak about the weapons transfer. This lead to less nuclear weapons problems and better foreign relations. During his presidency, Rouhani focused on improving foreign policy and Iranian Principlists, fearing change but knowing that it's necessary. His stand on foreign policies and relation has spread his influence on a global level unlike other world leaders, such as Joko Widodo.(Rawḥānī, Ḥassan)
Joko Widodo is the president of Indonesia. Unlike Hassan Rouhani, he practices Sunni Islam. Widodo raised taxes and helped improve education in Indonesia. However, he was not able to improve relations with other countries as Rouhani has. Rouhani was able to improve foreign relation and decline the usage of nuclear weapons in his country. This not only improve
Iran’s relationship with the United States of America, but also helped prevent nuclear war. For this reason, Rouhani has more of a global impact than
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