Hassl's with the Hoff: The Destruction of David Hasselhoff's Credibility

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It seems in this modern day and age, no-one in the entertainment industry can seem to maintain a good credibility. A prime example of this is David Hasselhoff. David Hasselhoff demonstrates why having good credibility is an important virtue but can easily and hastily be destroyed. He also demonstrates that all your actions effect your credibility. David Hasselhoff was born on July 17, 1952 (age 61) in Baltimore, MD. Some of his first major achievements include starring in many television series such as The Young and the Restless, Baywatch, Baywatch Nights, and Night Rider. Hasselhoff also dabbled in drama and theatre. Early in Hasselhoff’s life, he believed his career would lead to Broadway. (Stevens) Hasselhoff gained his credibility by not being caught in scandals through the beginning of his career. He also gained credibility by starring in many of the productions stated before. He was known as a trustworthy and credible person for a moderate amount of time. (Stevens) That is, until he was discovered to be in the same boat as the vast majority of the music industry. David Hasselhoff’s middle and current years of his life are controlled by alcohol. (Stevens) The first time the public found out about Hasselhoff’s drunken acts, his credibility toke a large negative hit. In 2002 while Hasselhoff was filming his Baywatch Reunion movie, he released to the public that over the past twenty years, he has struggled with alcohol. At this time he is currently at “Rock Bottom”

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